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Creed 2 cast drago

Ivan was an amateur boxer and Olympic gold medalist from the Soviet Unionarmed with a punch over 2, psi. As seen in the events from Rocky LegendsIvan was first scouted by Nicolai Koloff in Russia, Koloff was tasked with finding a fighter that could be built and sent to the United States in order to become champion. At the time, the Soviet Union and the United States were at war with each other and the Soviet Union wanted to prove their superiority.

In Rocky IVIvan would fight one of America's greatest fighters named Apollo Creed in an exhibition match, but Ivan ended up destroying him with ease and knocking him out in the second round, resulting in the death of Creed, in which Rocky Balboa Apollo's close friend took it upon himself to avenge Apollo and agreed to a fight against Ivan in Russia where Ivan lost the fight, making it his first and only loss ever.

Ivan trained his son ruthlessly for the next 20 years, attempting to make him a better boxer than he was. In Creed IIIvan issued a challenge to a newly crowned Heavyweight Champion named Adonis Creed Apollo's son on the behalf of his son, hoping to avenge his loss to Balboa all those years ago.

Viktor Ivan's son pummeled Adonis in their first encounter but lost to Adonis via disqualification because he punched Adonis when he was down. Viktor had a rematch with Adonis in Russia, the fight was a war with both men destroying each other. In the final round, Viktor was very fatigued and had nothing left as he was unable to defend himself, causing Ivan to throw the towel in for his son and Ivan hugged Viktor as Ivan tells him that he is proud of him.

Ivan is now focusing on developing a deeper bond with his son, training side-by-side with him. The Soviet Union was extremely arrogant in Ivan's abilities; however, Ivan never bragged about it. Ludmilla Ivan's wife spoke for him at press conferences, with Drago simply staring at the press without saying anything.

He was given several nicknames, such as the Siberian Bullthe Siberian Express and even Death from Abovewhich is referring to Ivan's height and Apollo's death at the hands of Ivan.

After the fall of Soviet Union, he had a son named Viktor Drago who succeeded him in his boxing career. Ivan would eventually join the Soviet Army becoming an Infantry Captain, it was during this time that a boxing trainer named Sergei Rimsky and a high ranking political adviser named Nicolai Koloff were scouting the soldiers in order to find a worthy athlete.

CREED 2 (2018) - Behind the Scenes of Sylvester Stallone \u0026 Michael B. Jordan Movie

Ivan fought a fellow soldier named Alexei Baluk defeating him and catching the eye of prospects, from here Ivan was trained in Soviet Russia and went on to defeat a series of other boxers.

He had an impressive amateur record of wins, 0 losses, 0 draws and knockouts. After Ivan wins that fight, his Soviet trainers were convinced that he would beat any boxer in the world, prompting them to fly to America in hopes of booking a title fight against the World Champion named Rocky Balboaconvinced Ivan could defeat the American and take the title.

This was announced at the press conference held as soon as Ivan got off the plane. This press conference was seen by the former Heavyweight Champion and retired professional boxer named Apollo Creed.Rocky IV was the highest-grossing sports movie for 24 years, before it was overtaken by The Blind Side.

In the film, the Soviet Union and its top boxer make an entrance into professional boxing with their best athlete Ivan Dragowho initially wants to take on world champion Rocky Balboa. Rocky's best friend Apollo Creed decides to fight him instead but is fatally beaten in the ring. Enraged, Rocky decides to fight Drago in the Soviet Union to avenge the death of his friend and defend the honor of his country. While the film marked Carl Weathers' final appearance in the series, his character would still be referenced in each subsequent film.

Its success led to a Rocky V released on November 16, The events of this film serve as the backstory to the plot of Creed IIwhere Apollo Creed's son, Donnieis challenged to fight Drago's son, Viktor.

His manager, Nicolai Koloff, takes every opportunity to promote Drago's athleticism as a hallmark of Soviet superiority. Motivated by patriotism and an innate desire to prove himself, Apollo Creed challenges Drago to an exhibition bout.

Rocky has reservations, but agrees to train Apollo, despite his misgivings about the match. During a press conference regarding the match, hostility sparks between Apollo's and Drago's respective camps. The bout starts tamely with Apollo landing several punches that are ineffective against Drago, but Drago suddenly retaliates with devastating effects.

By the end of the first round, Rocky and Apollo's trainer, Dukeplead with him to stop the match, but Apollo refuses to do so and tells Rocky to not stop the match "no matter what. Rocky honors Apollo's wishes, which allows Drago to land one final punch on Apollo, killing him. In the aftermath, Drago displays no sense of contrition, commenting to the assembled media: "Tonight I have beaten a great champion. If he dies, he dies. Frustrated by the Soviets' cold indifference, Rocky decides to challenge Drago himself, but has to surrender his championship to do so.

Drago's camp agrees to an unsanctioned round fight in the Soviet Union on Christmas Day, an arrangement meant to protect Drago from the threats of violence he has been receiving in the United States.

Rocky travels to the Soviet Union without his wife Adrian due to her disapproval of the match, setting up his training base in a remote cabin in Krasnogourbinsk with only Duke and Paulie to accompany him.

Duke opens up to Rocky, stating that he actually raised Apollo and that his death felt like a father losing his son, and expresses his faith in Rocky that he will emerge victorious. To prepare for the match, Drago uses high-tech equipment, a team of trainers and doctors monitoring his every movement, and regular doses of anabolic steroids.

Rocky, on the other hand, does roadwork in deep snow over mountainous terrain and workouts utilizing antiquated farm equipment. Adrian arrives unexpectedly to give Rocky her support, which gives Rocky a new vigor.

Before the match, Drago is introduced with an elaborate patriotic ceremony, with the Soviet general secretary and the Politburo in attendance. The home crowd is squarely on Drago's side and hostile to Rocky.

In contrast to his match with Apollo, Drago immediately goes on the offensive. Rocky takes a fierce pounding in the first round, but goes on the offensive toward the end of the second round after landing a brutal right hook that cuts Drago's left eye, stunning both Drago and the crowd.

Duke encourages Rocky by reminding him that he just proved Drago is a man and not a machine as he's been made out to be. In contrast, Drago comments to his trainers that Rocky "is not human, he is like a piece of iron," after his trainers reprimand him for his performance against the "weak" American.

Ivan Drago

The two boxers spend the next dozen rounds trading blows, with Rocky managing to continually hold his ground despite Drago's best efforts. His resilience and determination rallies the previously hostile Soviet crowd to his side. After being berated by Koloff, Drago rebels, throwing him from the ring and directly addressing Gorbachev, stating he fights only for himself.

creed 2 cast drago

In the final round, with both fighters exhausted, Rocky initially takes more punishment, then seizes an opening and unleashes a series of vicious blows to defeat Drago by knockout.

Rocky gives a victory speech, acknowledging that the local crowd's disdain of him had turned to mutual respect during the fight. Rocky finally declares, "If I can change and you can change, everybody can change! Rocky ends his speech by wishing his son watching the match on TV a Merry Christmas, and raises his arms into the air in victory as the crowd applauds.

LeRoy Neiman plays the ring announcer in the Creed-Drago match. Burgess Meredith appears as Mickey Goldmill in archive footage.Now a worldwide star, Adonis proposes to his girlfriend, Bianca Taylor, who agrees to marry him.

When Bianca suggests starting a new life together in Los Angeles, Adonis is reluctant to leave his life behind in Philadelphia. When Rocky refuses to support Adonis's decision to accept Viktor's challenge, Adonis, feeling betrayed, decides to leave for Los Angeles.

As Adonis and Bianca adjust to their new life on the west coast and prepare for the upcoming match with Viktor, Bianca learns that she is pregnant. Overwhelmed and angry with all the recent developments in his life, Adonis rushes into the match, getting himself badly injured.

Viktor is disqualified for hitting Adonis while he is down, allowing Adonis to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. His body and ego shattered, Adonis becomes increasingly disconnected from Bianca. Mary Anne reaches out to Rocky in hopes of having him come to help Adonis out of his slump; Rocky arrives, he and Adonis make up, and Rocky agrees to train Adonis properly for a rematch against Viktor, who is suffering near-torture levels of physical tests by his father.

Bianca gives birth to a baby girl, and they name her Amara. Adonis and Bianca's fears are realised when their child is born deaf, inherited from her mother's progressive degenerative hearing disorder. While Viktor continues to taunt Adonis publicly, he is constantly pressured by his father to regain their honour. Inspired by his own training in Krasnogourbinsk, Rocky takes Adonis to a decrepit location in the California desert to retrain, describing it as a place where fighters are "reborn".

Adonis undergoes a rigorous and brutal training regimen with Rocky, adapting to the kind of punishment he now knows he'll receive from Viktor in the ring. The rematch is considerably more balanced as a more controlled and focused Adonis exchanges equal blows with Viktor. Since Viktor is accustomed to winning all of his fights by knockout, his fights have never lasted beyond the fourth round, something that Adonis uses to his advantage as he endures Viktor's punishment deeper into the match.

As the fight progresses, Adonis manages to land sequence after sequence of effective blows, knocking Viktor down twice in the same round. Viktor's mother Ivan's ex-wife Ludmillawho had been sitting ringside with some of Viktor's supporters, departs when the tide of the fight shifts in Adonis' favour, knocking Viktor off-balance emotionally.

Though Viktor is ashamed, Ivan assures him it is okay. Ivan seemingly comes to terms with earlier statements made by Viktor regarding the fair weathered nature of the same supporters who had also rejected him, and resolves that his relationship with his son is more important to him than his former glory.

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Viktor and Ivan are later training together back in Ukraine. Rocky travels to Vancouver to make peace with his own estranged son, Robert, and meets his grandson Logan for the first time.

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He makes peace with his deceased father and the burden of carrying on his legacy. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.Browse our picks. See the full gallery. Michael B. Jordan and the stars of Creed II break down what a Rocky -style montage of their lives would look like, and what songs would be playing over it.

Check out our interviews. Years after Adonis Creed made a name for himself under Rocky Balboa's mentorship, the young boxer becomes the Heavyweight Champion of the World. While life is good with that victory and his marriage to Bianca, trouble comes to Philadelphia when Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer who killed Adonis' father, Apollo, arrives with his son, Viktor, to challenge Adonis.

Against Rocky's advice, Adonis accepts the challenge without his mentor's participation and pays the price in a punishing bout he wins only by a technicality. Now injured and demoralized, Adonis cannot bring himself to back into the game, leaving his spirit and title in jeopardy. Together, Adonis' family and Rocky must find a way to rekindle Adonis' fighting spirit to face the future in whatever choice he makes.

Meanwhile, the Drago family have its own troubles trying to regain the respect in their homeland that they lost at Rocky's hands as they wonder whether is it truly worth it.

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Written by Kenneth Chisholm kchishol rogers. You have to give Sylvester Stallone credit--he has a gift for remixing the same movie over and over and again and making you actually care. Maybe it's because he focuses on the one thing that matters most in storytelling: compelling characters.

And Creed II is full of them. First, there's Adonis Michael B. Jordanthe brooding, bratty, world champion with a chip on his shoulder. There's Rocky Sylvester Stallonethe downtrodden wise sage who only recognizes his role in things when the chips are down.

There's Bianca Taylor, a talented singer suffering from hearing loss and her love for a self-destructive boxer. There's Mary Anne Creed Phylicia Rashadthe weary widow of Apollo Creed who is consistently forced to check her man-child son, and then there are the villains.

Everyone has a purpose in this film, and everyone has a place in moving the narrative forward: avenging the actions of Rocky IV. This is a straight-up reboot of a Cold War classic, complete with the final match taking place in Russia. You know what to expect. The challenge from Ivan's son is the kind of storybook rematch the sports world loves. You know Creed has to take the fight to prove himself. And you know at some point, Victor Drago will get the better of him, setting us up for a training montage that never seems to get old.

You see, when Rocky IV was released, it wasn't just a boxing film, it was practically a propaganda film about the superiority of American values and ideals. In Creed II, it's not about the country--it's personal. It's about discovering what matters most to you in your career and your own life. And as cliched as that may all sound, it works amazingly well in this film, thanks in part to the strength of the movies character development, phenomenal actors who keep the theatrical bits grounded and brilliant fight choreography and cinematography to settle scores.

I'll be straight with you, we shouldn't like Adonis Creed, but we do. He's a temperamental grown man baby that even knocks himself in the movie for "acting like a bh.Sign In.

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Sports Bar Patron John Jezior Reporter Billy Vargus Reporter as Bill Vargus Johanna TolentinoBrowse our picks. Check out our gallery of the Golden Globe nominees in the leading and supporting acting categories, as the characters they so brilliantly played and in real life.

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See the full gallery. Florian Munteanu's character is explored in more detail by the actor, from the his initial casting and audition to meeting his childhood hero Sylvester Stallone and training for the film.

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We also hear from other cast and crew members including Dolph Lundgren, Tessa Thompson, producer William Chartoff, Stallone, stunt coordinator Danny Hernandez, and more. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page.

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creed 2 cast drago

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creed 2 cast drago

Edit Cast Cast overview: Michael B. Self Michael Buffer Self Tessa ThompsonA sequel to 's Creed and the eighth installment in the Rocky film seriesit stars Michael B. Creed writer-director Ryan Coogler serves as an executive producer on the film. The film follows a fight over 33 years in the making, as Adonis "Donnie" Creed meets a new adversary in the ring: Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Dragothe powerful athlete who took the life of Donnie's father Apollo Creed in 's Rocky IV.

A Creed sequel was confirmed in Januarybut due to both Coogler and Jordan's involvement in Black Pantherthe film was delayed, with Coogler ultimately being replaced by Caple.

Stallone completed the script in July and announced Lundgren would be reprising his role as Drago, and filming began in Philadelphia in Marchlasting through June. Pictures on November 21, Jordan, in his directorial debut and Universal Pictures distributing the film. Now a worldwide star, Donnie proposes to his girlfriend, Bianca Taylor, who agrees to marry him.

When Bianca suggests starting a new life together in Los Angeles, Donnie is reluctant to leave Philadelphia as it would mean leaving Rocky. Ivan Dragothe former Soviet boxer who killed Donnie's father Apollo Creed during a bout in before losing to Rocky Balboa[b] seeks an opportunity to regain glory.

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As they adjust to their new life and prepare for the upcoming match, Bianca learns that she is pregnant. Donnie recruits Tony "Little Duke" Evers, son of his father's trainer and later Rocky's trainer, to start training him. Overwhelmed by his life's recent developments, he rushes into the match and is badly injured.

Viktor is disqualified for hitting Donnie while he is down, allowing Donnie to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

However, Viktor becomes extremely popular in Russia and wins a series of fights with top billing. His body and ego shattered, Donnie becomes increasingly disconnected from Bianca. Mary Anne reaches out to Rocky, who reconciles with Donnie and agrees to train him for a rematch against Viktor, who is suffering torturous physical tests at Ivan's hands. Bianca gives birth to a daughter, Amara, and Rocky is named her godfather; however, Donnie and Bianca realize Amara is born deaf, inheriting it from her mother's progressive hearing disorder.

While Viktor taunts Donnie publicly, he faces constant pressure from his father behind the scenes, who enjoys the attentions of the media and various Russian delegates.

At a state dinner, he and Ivan meet Ludmilla, his mother and Ivan's ex-wife, for the first time in several years after she abandoned them after Ivan's loss to Rocky. Enraged at the sight of her, Viktor chastises Ivan for interacting with the people who cast them out in the first place.

Meanwhile, Rocky and Little Duke retrain Donnie in a decrepit location in the California desert, focusing on fighting from within and training Donnie's body to absorb the heavy impact he will receive from Viktor in the ring.

In Moscow, the rematch is more balanced as a more controlled and focused Donnie exchanges equal blows with Viktor. Since Viktor is accustomed to winning by knockout, his fights have never lasted beyond the fourth round; Donnie uses this to his advantage and willingly endures a heavy beating from Viktor, even after his ribs are broken. In the tenth round, Donnie unleashes sequence after sequence of effective blows and knocks Viktor down twice.

Ludmilla departs after the second knockdown, upsetting Viktor, and Ivan sees the truth of Viktor's earlier statements. An exhausted Viktor is cornered and receives multiple strikes without defending himself, but is unwilling to go down. Realizing that his son's safety means more to him than acceptance from Russia's elite, Ivan throws in the towel, forfeiting the fight to protect his son.

He assures the distraught Viktor it is okay that he lost, and embraces him. As Bianca enters the ring to celebrate with Donnie and Little Duke, Rocky recuses himself, telling Donnie that "It's your time", and takes a seat to watch them from outside the ring.

Viktor and Ivan later train together back in Ukraine.

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Donnie visits Apollo's grave, where he makes peace with his deceased father and the burden of carrying on his legacy, as he and Bianca introduce his granddaughter, who is wearing a new set of hearing aids. Rocky travels to Vancouver to make peace with his own estranged son, Robert, and meets his grandson Logan for the first time, noting how much he looks like Adrian. Archive footage of Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed is used throughout the film, with the actor's likeness also appearing through the use of photographs and murals.

Ventimiglia previously revealed during the development of Creed that he was open to returning to the franchise, stating, "I'll tell you what, if they invited me, I'd love to be there. If they didn't, I wouldn't be offended. Jordan 's schedule ended up being delayed due to Black Pantheras he was starring in that film.

Vince DiColacomposer of Rocky IVwas originally rumored to return to score the film, but stated in a Facebook post: "I would have loved to return, however that's just how Hollywood works. We don't always get what we want. Principal photography began March


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